PMW recognizes that business is more than meeting clients needs and earning a profit – it is also important to be a good corporate steward and support the communities around the company.

PMW treats its internal employees and staff as part of a community with a focus on self-improvement and personal growth. PMW offers employees the ability to take part in training to improve leadership, first-aid, and technical skills. For example, PMW’s General Manager takes an active role in mentoring and coaching PMW supervisors to be the company’s leaders of tomorrow. PMW also encourages foundational, and routine “refresher”, training on key equipment and general safety awareness.

PMW sees its highly-skilled labour force as being part of the greater machining and millwrighting trade community. PMW recognizes the importance of having a pool of trained workers within the broader community and sees the company as having an obligation to train workers of all vocations. For example, PMW has hosted practical workshops within PMW’s shop which teach basic portable machining skills in a simulated environment.

Outside the company walls, PMW is involved in making regular and specific donations to local charities. To date, PMW has made charitable donations to the following endeavors over the years:

• Stollery Children’s Hospital

• S.C.A.R.S. (Second Change Animal Rescue Society)

• Movember Foundation